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September 24th, 2005 by Mabel
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I decided to get this off the NaNoWriMo forum – it’ll be a good idea to put some thoughts (not all coz I know some idiots out there will plagiarize it). :-S

Anyway, for this year’s The Shadow, I thought I’d concentrate on the following themes:

  1. Race and the power behind labelling – I’ve got characters from three different species who are trying to get beyond the stereotypes of their respective racial groups and work together to save a place. It is a little cliche as for as the story goes but it is a symbolism of the current issues that we are facing now here at home (race is always an issue in Malaysia) – changes, conflicts and the reprecussions from those changes.
  2. Change itself – Change is inevitable. People change for many reasons, good or bad. I’m trying to look at change from a lot of angles – individually, and in large groups; in relationship or affected singletons. Change also snowballs from one person to another. What we do now and how differently we do it affects the people around us. It is a mirror to how we ourselves deal with the changes in our life – be it a break-up, death of a loved one, or change in ambition/short term goals.
  3. Inter-racial relationships – My lead character probably doesn’t know it yet but I’m going to hook her up with the most unlikely of creatures – one that will make her low really bad in the eyes of people of her own kind. But that’s how it is like for me here in Malaysia. Being in an inter-racial relationship isn’t easy and more often than not, we get labelled and it’s not the kind that is pleasant. People have made comments about how desperate I must be, or that I’m a hooker, or better still, no decent Chinese man wants me – so that’s why I settled for an ang-moh. Poppycocks.
  4. Comfort-zones and the apathatic attitude – My lead character comes a village where people refuse to take the lead, where not doing anything is the norm. Worse case scenario is that there is always someone else who will do the dirty work even though it is obvious that no one will. I like to address the thought that apathy isn’t healthy on an individual and global scale; that most of our problems today come from apathatic forms of behaviour.

I’ll probably come up with more and add them in as I go (or not) – it really depends. Right now, I think I like the direction of where I’m heading with this. :)

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  1. juzblue

    Sounds good!! Can’t wait to see our country’s situation in a fantasy realm… Good luck with your NaNo!

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