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September 28th, 2005 by Mabel
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Name: Lilith Lissësúl
Race: Elf with a slight tinge of halfing blood (unknown)
Age: Just past her teenage elven years – she is somewhere around two hundred years old.

Class: Arcane Archer + Ranger

Lilith has fragile features for an elf – doe-like dark blue eyes; smooth and bronze porcelain skin with a hint of blush on her cheeks; a small sharp nose, and full rosebud pink lips. Her long jet black hair is speckled with silvery strands and she often ties it back with two tiny yet long side braids. She never seems to have bad hair days and enjoys being kissed by the sun without ever being burnt.

Slim and leggy – like most elves – she looks lithe, dexterous and almost athletic. Her movements are graceful yet quick. She is often garbed in a slim fitting dark grey tunic (enchanted with Strengthen Armor) with a similarly coloured skirt, complete with a set of soft leather boots (enchanted with Lightfoot) – just in case she is needed on hunts. Sometimes stones hurt her delicate soft feet. Very unlike other elves who enjoy parading around barefooted. For more formal occasions, she dones on a simple long creamy-golden robe that simmer and glitter with every movement made with a set of white-creamy slippers.

When out in the battlefield or on a hunt, she will carry with her a knapsack stocked with healing potions and antidote scrolls, an enchanted longbow made from the finest oak and the thinest (yet strongest) string of Lewyn (an ancient Elven tree) equipped with arrows made with pine, a silvery metal tip made from mithril and thin slivers of leaf metal.

Being an Arcane Archer means that Lilith is able to cast a few simple spells as well as enchant her bow and arrows to assist her during hunts and battles. Nevertheless, her previous training as a Ranger has given her the chance to fight without her Arcane Archer skills.

She is able to:

  • Charm animals – The words “Lit-meath aiwourn est talile” is all that she needs for the animal to be hers. Under her control, they know no other master and will do her bidding, even if it means unto death itself. However, such charms are only limited to lower level creatures. Lilith can never charm mystical or magical creatures (like griffiths, unicorns and dragons) as part of the Elven-Draco pact made several thousands of years ago. To do so would mean instant death.
  • Treat minor wounds, poisons and some diseases – Lilith has the ability to weave magic spells from nature to assist in healing minor injuries. However, attempts to heal major wounds and complex poisons can be very draining on her even to the point of causing death. This is one of the reasons why she carries healing potions and antidote scrolls with her.
  • Move in total silence – Her Lightfoot enchanted boots allow her to move around silently and even hide from lower level creatures like goblins and gnomes. However, when barefooted, her Elven heritage allows for her to prod around with little noise.
  • See in low-light conditions – Elves, in general, are able to see in low-light conditions such as during moonlight or starlight nights. They require little assistance in the form of light torches – which further enables them to hide from enemies. Lilith is of no exception to this.
  • Protect herself against certain magic spells – Lilith is immune to magic sleep spells and effects from other spells – like Dominance or Mindread.
  • Cast simple spells – Without the aid of a scroll or spellbook, Lilith can conjure up the following spells as long as she remains rested and concious:
    • Fireshot – launches a small shot of fire
    • Disarm (although some creatures may not be affected by this spell) – disarms an opponent, magical or otherwise
    • Lightwave – launches a pillar of bright white light upon the target
    • Enchant Arrow – increases the damage caused by an arrow
    • Imbue Arrow – turns an arrow in a fireball arrow
    • Arrowrain – turns a single arrow into six, creating a ‘rain’ effect.
    • Deatharrow – creates a arrow that forces the target to either fully heal itself or die (this is a very advance spell and Lilith tries not to use it unless necessary since it takes up a lot of her energy)
  • Identify certain objects – Lilith has some power of lore and is able to identify mystical or magical objects. Nevertheless, certain objects require assistance from a more powerful mage. This is not a skill that she learnt but one that was gifted to her at birth.

On some ocassions, Lilith will travel with a familiar, a white-grey wolf named Finen, who is gifted with Fear Howl – a skill all magical wolves have. Finen is able to appear and disappear at will but usually answers immediately to Lilith’s call. Couple that with the fact that he has a very high constitution, he is actually very difficult to banish. Ever loyal to Lilith, he is immune to animal charms.

Lilith is a gentle creature at heart, yet suffers from a slight tinge of enthuasism and a sense of adventure that is uncommon among elves. While most elves prefer the lure of clerical or magical studies, the world of the Natural and the Unknown led her to undertake Ranger studies. She has no real political alliance to any of the elven lords, choosing to remain aloof when it comes to carving out her own political ambitions within Elenarion. And therefore is seen as the odd-ball among her own peers.

Nevertheless, she is a passionate creature is fiercely loyal and deeply affectionate. However, her desire to give is frequently one of her weaker points. She can be rather selfless or selfish when she has to be, although she prefers to be ‘nice’.

Lilith craves acceptance badly – due to conditions surrounding her birth and many events leading up to her becoming an elven adult. Wise for someone with her years, she constantly strives to understand the world around her and is somewhat puzzled to the point of annoyance when she cannot reach that understanding.

The darker side of her often contemplates on exacting revenge upon her ‘tormentors’, creating ripples of rage and even blind envy that threaten to push her over to the Evil. Right now, the only reason why she has yet to give in to the Evil is Glorfindel Falassion’s love and Finen’s loyal companionship.

Lilith was born to an elven high priestess, Inwe, and a half-elf warlock, Aturian, during the time when unions between high priestesses and ‘halfings’ – as they were termed – were tantamount to sacriledge. It was alright with commoners but not for someone of Inwe’s status. To make matters worse, when Inwe died during childbirth – a very rare, if not ominous sign, in all elven communities – rumous that the child had been conceived in dark magic began to spread.

Fearing retribution or worse, some form of calamity befalling on them, the Council of Elenarion stripped Aturian of his warlock powers (and immortality) and banished him from the land. His daughter, whom he never had a chance to lay his eyes upon, was ‘forced’ upon the House of Anywnelon in hopes of purging this dark magic from the babe. However, no one wanted the child.

Nevertheless, Tomaelon and Neliane Lissësúl, the childless councillors of the House of Anywnelon, fell in love with the babe the moment they saw her and took her in as their own. However, that did not guarentee Lilith a happy childhood. Throughout her child- and teen-elven years, she faced discrimination and constant blunt remarks about her birthline and her own parents.

As she grew older, her skills as an arcane archer within the House of Anywnelon grew famous (as houses compete against each other in mock battles) and she became known as the Mage Ranger. Her birthline was temporarily forgotten and she found love.

For a while, life seemed good…and perfect.

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