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October 4th, 2005 by Mabel
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[UPDATE] Changes to the names and novel title!

Got this from NNWM forums and I thought I’d just share with the peeps here.

Novel Title:The Shadow
Estimated length (your best rough guess, you can go by chapters, word count, pages, whatever): More than 15 chapters and definitely hitting 50K (aiming for about 80K this time)

Your writing experience:
Been writing since I was 12 (in Malay) and then since I was 16 (in English). Completed last year’s NNWM ahead of schedule. :D

Fantasy – new genre? Or old favorite?: New at writing (first time writing fantasy) and old style for reading.
Other genres of your novel: Literary fiction.
Gonna publish?: Maybe.

Cliches/archetypes you’re including (not necessarily a bad thing!):
Hero/heroine, race, the whole ‘pride comes before a fall’ thing, prophecies and superstition plus ‘no man is an island’.

Cliches/archetypes you’re avoiding:
Villains (reasoning: there is an evil side in all of us), sex and lovey dovey aspects to a relationship/romance.

The positive/negative aspects of racism – and its impact on a certain race/social group, the challenges of inter-racial relationships, and the duality of human nature.

What we (the readers) will learn:
Well, as long as they learn something that are related to my themes, what can I say?

Main character(s):
Lilith Lissësúl – The Elfen Mage Ranger
Garwin Falassion – The Archmage Lover
Dymeon of Nargothrond – The Werewolf Fighter
Nessa Alatáriël – The Dryad Bard

Secondary characters:
Ariel Feiniel – The Night Witch
Mimli of Atheleon- The Goblin Summoner

Lilith Lissësúl – The Elfen Mage Ranger

Have yet to grant this character a name. ~_~

A couple of kingdoms, both magical and human with Elenerion as one of the magical hubs located near the mountain ranges.

Rough geography:
Temperate forest, secondary pinewood forest, mountains, caves, rivers – think French Alps cross with bits of New Zealand.

Elven folk (high and dark elves included), werewolves, humans, goblins, dryads, dragons, unicorns, etc.

Fantasy aspects:
Armous/weapons/spells, existence of magical creatures, appearance :p

Lilith craves for acceptance but is torn between love and facing discrimination should she ‘date’ the werewolf warrior. Dymeon has yet to come to terms with his ‘condition’ and isolates himself (self-inflicted discrimination). Garwin fights against the Evil only to be part of it, oddly enough for all the right reasons. Nessa, the bard with a dark history who yearns to wipe the slate clean.

Obstacles in the journey:
The Evil. New discoveries into the past of all four characters, especially Lilith, Dymeon and Nessa – that may threaten to move them towards the Evil. Elven laws and social practices.

Expected resolution:
Acceptance of one’s self.
Understanding of the dual nature of man, and of racism (why things are the way they are).
A cure (?) for Dymeon – but now he has to deal with new conflicts.

Summary of plot:
On the eve of his wedding, Garwin disappears and the Evil strikes Elenarion. Lilith, his betrothed, plagued with dreams and a strange wedding gift, seeks out the village soothsayer. The sudden death of her parents and emergence of evidence that marked her as responsible for Garwin’s disappearance prompts the elders to cast her out. Thus, she embarks on a journey to seek Garwin out and along the way, encounters Dymeon and Nessa, each with their own secrets. Along the way, she encounters different societies, finds more about her betrothed (and what actually happened to her parents) and discovers that not all is what it seems. The wedding gift then becomes a turning point.

Tune in for more! :cool:

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6 Responses

  1. Aaron

    I had to be picky, but Glorindel and Finrod of Nargothrond are both taken directly from the Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien. There are plenty of names out there. . .why not make one up?

  2. Mei

    Yup, I know. I just realized it when I re-read LoTR two days ago (before this entry) (have never read Smi but am suppose to soon – have the book at the office). Switched the names already. :)

  3. Aaron

    I figured you would :) I do that all the time (unfortunately), names seem to stick in my head and when I name a character I think of them and don’t realize I’m taking them from another book. . .ah well

  4. Mei


    I think a lot of us do…it’s a subconscious thing. Oh, thanks for the visit!

  5. Sashi

    Yes, unique names do tend to stick – I tend to name my characters after famous football players… :)>-

  6. Lyzzy

    Nice plot summary you got there… GOOD LUCK!!!

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