Plot woes.

October 17th, 2005 by Mabel
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I really have no idea what I’m going to do for the plot.

At the moment, I have a funny feeling that 1) this will go into more than just one novel, so fat chance of me finishing by the end of November; and 2) this plot of mine will spiral and turn into something else before I can say “ompa loompa“. I hate it…yet I love the insecurity of it all. The last time I written something with a skeleton plot, I got my 2004 novel. I would like some organisation to this year’s work but I think I’ll leave some room for adjustments and surprises.

Oh, this year will be different because there won’t be any chapter numbers, just titles. I know the planning shows otherwise but that’s just for the pre-NNWM stuff. ^_^

  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1 – The death of Anywnelon
  • Chapter 2 – Child of Shaktisys
  • Chapter 3 – The curse of the wolf
  • Chapter 4 – The Witch’s boon
  • Chapter 5 – The dream
  • Chapter 6 – Doyen of Tyr’kryliel
  • Chapter 7 – Of a bardic rescue
  • Chapter 8 – The trail to Garwin

The proper trio journey starts here. I, honestly, had no idea how in the world I had to wait till the 8th chapter before the three of them (Lilith, Dymeon and Nessa) would come together as a party and set off on the primary quest – sort of, primary that is. Oh, the primary quest doesn’t even start until the 13th chapter. I think I’m beginning to hate this genre.

This is also the beginning in which we start addressing the issue of race and discrimination – a werewolf/human, elf and dryad hanging out together on a quest will disgust others (and sometimes the party members themselves). Finen dislikes Dymeon because of his werewolf curse and Lilith just cannot stand Nessa’s whimsical almost cyrptic bardic/Dyrad nature.

  • Chapter 9 – Of the House of Hauycileon (geez, how in the world did I end up with names like this?)
  • Chapter 10 – A shadow’s promise
  • Chapter 11 – Shaktisys and Utilyraed whispers
  • Chapter 12 – The goblin army
  • Chapter 13 – A treasure for the party
  • Chapter 14 – The road to Everh’murss
  • Chapter 15 – The wolf curse revealed

This is supposed to be the turning point for both Dymeon and Lilith – I have no idea how I’m going to make them fall in love with each other but it’s supposed to happen somewhere here and we’ll see how it goes. I think.

We’ll also address the conflicts arising from the possibility of an inter-racial relationship between my two MCs and it is here that Nessa goes all philosophical and rational – ONCE only.

  • Chapter 16 – Spirit of Aturian
  • Chapter 17 – The Dark Queen
  • Chapter 18 – A shadow’s plan
  • Chapter 19 – Trecherous schemes

I have placed in a surprise here…am not too sure how I’ll go about it but I reckoned it should be interesting.

  • Chapter 20 – The gift
  • Chapter 22 – The Witch’s heart
  • Chapter 23 – A shadow’s revelation
  • Chapter 24 – Shaktisys and Inwe
  • Chapter 25 – Evil thwarted
  • Chapter 26 – Some things never change
  • Epilogue

Personally, I think it’s too long. But then again, I think I can do more with the story…but I’d have to split it into two books, or even more.

We’ll see.

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