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October 27th, 2005 by Mabel
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Usually, just a few days before NaNo, I do a little “free writing” exercise – just to get those creative juices going. I found that it worked pretty well last year and it DID give me some idea as to where I wanted to take my piece of work. I am still unsure as to whether I’d really use this bit of dialogue – some bits of it are awfully corny yet I find it funny.

Or maybe it’s just the stress of it all.



    “Our destiny is what we make of it, young one. You seem like one who needs a breath of fresh air.”
    “What can you possibly give me?”
    “Anything your heart desires. Yes”, it hissed.
    “Fine. I want power. Power that is beyond my reach.”
    “Hm. It is do-able. But…”
    “But what?”
    “It comes with a price, young one. A price that you may not be able to pay.”
    “The price is hardly the issue”, he frustratingly explained, moving out of The Shadow’s reach. “I’m tired of being second fiddle. Tired of being so…so predictable! I want power and I’m willing to pay for it. So state your price creature”, he demanded confidently.
    “Alright. But lets make this more interesting. What can you give me in exchange of this power you wish?”
    “I can conjure a mountain of gold right now if I wish it”, scoffed the Shadow.
    “Loyalty. My undying, never-ending loyalty.”
    “Too cheap.”
    “Support. Unending supply of it.” The Shadow wafted closer towards him.
    “Hm. Support from who or what, might I ask?”
    “Does it matter?” The Shadow floated silently for several seconds before circling him.


By the by, thanks to the press coverage over the past few days, a good number of my colleagues know about my NaNo-ing endeavours. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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