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October 28th, 2005 by Mabel
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This is a character list for The Shadow. I’ll be updating this from time to time…at least until NNWM starts. :)

The Party

  • Lilith Lissësúl – The Elfen Mage Ranger
  • Garwin Falassion – The Archmage Lover
  • Dymeon of Nargothrond – The Werewolf Fighter
  • Nessa Keláriël – The Dryad Bard


  • Iraemyr – The Witch
  • Dilayne Kilana – Doyen of Tyr’kryliel
  • The Shadow


  • Treclack – Guardians of Treasure
  • Shaktisys – Guardian of Life*
  • Utilyrael – Goddess of Chaos**
  • Blood Bandits
  • The Doyen of Hauycileon
  • Jesper The Talking Hamster
  • The Goblin Army

* Shaktisys is the Guardian of Life and her worshippers value skills/abilities of healers, wielders of nature magic and the merciful. She protects all from known evils and speaks only to those of the purest of hearts. In some rare cases, a vehement prayer to her will grant the bearer with powers to ressurect the dead.

** Utilyrael is the Goddess of Chaos and takes pleasure in frivolity and sudden change. Her worshippers value skills/abilities of rogues, fighters, rangers and the unpredictable. She grants her worshippers the power to fight and kill with little harm to themselves as well as the knowledge of poisons and death magic.

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