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October 28th, 2005 by Mabel
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My story is beginning to morph into something that I can’t seem to define. It beginning to be both comedic and sarcastic in nature. Aiks.

Anyways, I’ve got really interesting characters this time. Take a look.

  • My innkeeper is this sexy young thing who is a leather queen with a crossbow under the bar counter.
  • The shaman in one of the villages is this pin-up toyboy lookalike in a loin cloth. *yum*
  • Jesper The Talking Hamster was the prized possession of a band of werewolves. He provided them with entertainment on a regular basis. He also happens to be able to talk lots of sense into werewolves. Hm.
  • My two Goddesses are totally out of this world. Goddess of Chaos (frivolous, dark, chaotic) dresses in white, has long gorgeous platinum blond hair – she looks so angelic. Goddess of Life (healer, good person, etc) is a biker chick wannabe cross with a hippie, totally bad.
  • The bad guy is gonna be someone unexpected and totally opposite of what we assume all bad guys to be. Or at least I think so la.
  • Spirits don’t like being stereotyped as we’ll find out in Chapter 16.

To make matters more interesting, I’ll be including quotes – adapted to suit the situation, of course – in certain bits. Here’s an example of one that has already been written into one of the chapters – in my mind:

“You don’t walk up to an elf, hand her a bouquet and say, ‘Hey, remember me? I was that werewolf you were trying to kill; will you come live with me and be my mate?’”

I wonder if you guys can tell where I got that from. ^_^

I don’t know whether to laugh or worry about it. BUT I do think that it’s a good sign.

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  1. sya

    Woo! Talking hamsters–there can never be too many of them. Sounds like you have plenty of comedy potential in your novel. Good luck!

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