November 2nd, 2005 by Mabel
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Note: There will be grammatical and punctuation errors littered all over the place. This IS a first draft.

In the corner of a well furbished chamber littered with scrolls and magical items, a dark figure sat anxiously, awaiting a signal from his ally, a mysterious dark shadow whose origin was still unknown to him. Who or what his ally was, he never knew and did not care to ask. It was, after all, none of his concern.

He smiled with sheer delight at the thought of the deaths of his archenemies and the advancement of his own magical talents. In no time, I’ll be more powerful than a Doyen. Even an Elder will be not match for me. He had never hoped to be more powerful than what was expected of him until he chanced upon this ally in the woods several moons ago. How the meeting came to be was strange in nature but the conversation was not.


“Our destiny is what we make of it, young man. You seem like one who needs a breath of fresh air. Perhaps more than just that. Won’t you agree with me?”

“What could you possibly give me?”

“Anything your heart desires. Yes”, The Shadow hissed. “I see that you desire much. Yes, I see you; all of you; the ambition and the hunger. Try me, Garwin Falassion of the House of Hauycileon. You may find that luck is on your side”, persuaded The Shadow cunningly.

“How…how did you know my name?”

“I know you better than you know yourself, Garwin. But is that really what you want to ask of me? Everything in this world and you want to know how I came to the knowledge of your name?” The Shadow broke out into a roar of laughter that echoed the woods. “Young; young yet hungry.”

“Fine. I want power. Power that is beyond my reach.”

“Hm. It is do-able. But…”

“But what?”

“It comes with a price, young one. A price that you may not be able to pay.” The Shadow wafted around him, almostly whimsically.

“The price is hardly the issue. If you know me as well as you say you do, then you would have a fair idea of how much I want it and how far “

“Yes”, The Shadow agreed. “But it would hardly be fun banter now would it?”

“Alright, creature. The price is irrevelant. Give me what I want and I’ll give you anything you wish”, Garwin frustratingly explained, moving out of The Shadow’s reach. “I’m tired of being second fiddle. Tired of being so….so predictable! I want power and I’m willing to pay for it. So state your price, creature”, he demanded earnestly.

“Yes. But lets make this more interesting. What can you give me in exchange for this power you wish?”


“I can conjure up a mountain of gold right now if I wish it”, scoffed The Shadow.

“A magical item.”


“Loyalty. My undying, never-ending loyalty.”

“Too cheap.”

“Support. Unending supply of it.” The Shadow danced closer towards him.

“Hm. Support from who or what, may I ask?”

“Does it matter?” The Shadow floated silently for several seconds before circling him again.

“Alright. You have a deal. I will seek you out when the time comes.” Then just as suddenly as it had appeared, The Shadow vanished, leaving a faint wips of grayish smoke where it once floated.


Since that fateful meeting, Garwin had anxiously awaited for the arrival of The Shadow once more. He was worried, brows furrowing deeply on his chiseled yet hard elven face. He was not the most handsome of elves but neither was he ugly. With shining ash golden hair and piercing bright blue eyes, it was said that Garwin had the ability to enchant creatures with single glance. In actual fact, those were merely rumours and the only creatures he had ever enchanted were the whimsical, naïve elven females from his House. His father had hoped that the Lesseour, an elven marriage ceremony where House treasures and vows of lifelong partnership were exchanged, would ground Garwin’s ambitious nature but right now, that was the least of the young elven’s concerns.

Having spent many of his days and nights holed up in his room, he had hoped to meet The Shadow once more. And yet, at the dawn of every new day, he awoke to no visit and more frustration. The days were getting harder to bear. With preparations for the Lesseour surrounding him at every turn, Garwin found himself gradually feeling trapped. There were times when he had wished secretly that he was born a free elf instead of one shackled to responsibility and image. The ceremony would soon be upon him and going through it would not just be the death of his ambitions of but of his soul for the Lesseour brought not just a mate that he did not want but a life of stability and predictability. Garwin’s ambitions and dreams were far too important to be sacrificed for honour and tradition. These were things he could do without. Now if only The Shadow would appear once more.

“You worry too much, young one”, drawled The Shadow as it appeared behind Garwin, startling him.

“What took you so long? Do you know that I am to undertake the Lesseour tomorrow? After that, there will be no turning back!” he complained, annoyed yet partly relieved.

“Patience is something you will have to learn. When I say that I’ll seek you out, it means I will. But enough. Who is this that you are to take the Lesseour with?”

“A nobody. Must we discuss it?”

“Yes. We still have time for idle chatter. Come; tell me.”

“She is the adopted daughter of the Doyen of Anywnelon. A cursed creature of the dark; at least that is what my father calls her. He means no malice, he says but I’ve heard rumours. She is bad luck. Bad luck that brought death to both her parents. I mean no elf has ever killed their mother at birth. She is the first.”

“I see. So why her and not another more noble-browed elf?”

“Do I look like I care to know why?” Garwin was exasperated. He was hoping to do more than chatter away about his future bride or about House politics. “I suspect my father feels sorry for her. I don’t know. I’m just tired of playing his games, of having to live up to his expectations…”

“Would you like to know why you are to be bound to this elven female? It will give you an glimpse of the future and determine the path of your choice.”

“Is this why you came? To play a simple magican’s trick? If so, then I’d rather do without fortune telling and cryptic messages.”

“Young man, you’ll do very well to note that my patience has a limit, even though it is at a higher threshold than yours. Very well. If you wish, we will discuss our new venture”, commanded The Shadow gently as it closed the distance between the two of them. “Although I must say something. You have no idea what you are missing out on.”

The Shadow began to bring forth ideas of power, wealth and ultimately, evil. To Garwin’s simple yet ambitious soul, these ideas were worth the sacrifice that he was about to make even though it could cost him all that he loved dearly. Power was too heady a thing for him to control and soon it engulfed his entire being.

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