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November 3rd, 2005 by Mabel
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It’s going just fine, actually – if you have been checking the progress here, that is.

Despite what others have said about it – “losing a social life” and what not – I actually made time to go for a Deepavali dinner yesterday night, out for meals with Dad (Mum’s away on a holiday trip) and housechores, eg laundry, washing floor, cooking dinners, taking the dogs out for walks, etc. I worked on Wednesday, so I didn’t manage to write much. Although I’m still ahead of my holiday quota. Am hoping to hit 18K tomorrow and then another 10K over the weekend. *keeps fingers crossed*

Several people have made it to 15K already – which is all good and great. I am not really fazed out, although I admit that it can look kinda intimidating to others. Dad mentioned this in the beginning of NaNo when I hit 5K.

“5000 words are useless if they don’t mean anything.”

Trust Dad to pull me a peg or two down. That’s why I absolutely adore my old man! Anyway, even though people think that this is just a first draft and things like that, I like my novels to have as much as a life and workable story to it. They have to have meaning in order for me to write it out in the first place.

Things have gotten interesting in my novel of lately. I don’t know if it is because I got the “lets write” bug today or what…but suddenly I am stuck with:

  • An old loony croony witch who breaks out into Yoda language every so often. Sample dialogues: “Stumped, you had me there, for a moment” “A lie, your birth, I tell you.” Blahhh.
  • A dire wolf who suddenly decides to talk. WTF.

To make matters more interesting, I’ve got dialogues like this:

“Apologies, child. Stumped, you had me there, for a moment”, admitted The Witch as she removed the rabbit from the fire, tore it into half and handed it to Lilith. “Perhaps a story would help you understand why you have been saved; although I do wonder why you question such good fortune.”

“I would hardly consider being exiled to be good fortune. I just lost everything! I’m the only one from Anywnelon left.”

“The House of Anywnelon died already.”

“What do you mean?” The Witch muttered a curse and sighed, her breath misting in the cool night air.

“That father of yours! I told him that it was time for him to tell you but noooooo. He insisted on keeping it a secret. A lie, your birth, I tell you. You are not a member of the House of Anywnelon. An adopted child you were; your mother, a high priestess, dead and father exiled from this village.”

“But…I have never heard of this.”

“Of course, you silly child”, chastesized The Witch. “If your father never spoke of it, he sure as hell made sure no one else would. Sad tale, it is but one that must be told now. Listen to me as I weave together the threads of your history. Long long ago, in an ancient land faraway-”

“Would you just get to the bloody point, Witch?”

“Alright,” The Witch agreed, reluctantly. “Young people these days really lack patience, unlike us of the old. Patience lot, we were; never one for-”


“Yes yes.” The Witch muttered several words in a language that Lilith knew nothing and placed her old shaking hands on the elf’s forehead. Visions of the past, The Witch’s memory actually, began to fill Lilith’s mind.


“Did you ever wonder why I never could seem to fit in? I do. All the time, even more so after what she just showed me. I mean, at first I thought it was the hair or my skin. I don’t…I don’t look like an elf. Everyone here has strange colour for hair, fair skin, perfect complexion. Me? If I hadn’t known better, I swore I look more human than I do as an elf.” There was a short silence as Lilith struggled to find the right words to describe her inner feelings. “At least I could change all those things. I mean, find a spell, fix myself. But my past…how do I fix that?”

“You don’t, Lil.” For a split second, Lilith furrowed her brow, shaking her head gently. Maybe I’m hearing things. “You aren’t.”

“You…you…” she sputtered, stunned.

“Yes, I talk. And so do you. Now close your mouth. You look like a fish.” She frowned, obviously disliking the fact that she had just been reprimanded by a talking dire wolf. “I’ve always been able to talk. Just never saw the need to do so until today. I find it…refreshing. Maybe I’ll talk more often.”

“But how?”

“Magic, Lil. It’s as easy as that.”

“I’m crazy.”

“No, you’re just in denial.”

“FINEN! You know…for a dire wolf, you sure are funny…NOT.”

“Come on, Lil. I’m trying to cheer you up. So you’ve been banished. Frankly, I don’t see how that is a problem. You’ve never be able to fit into Elenarion society in the first place and honestly, I think you like it that way. Garwin and his band of silly, brutish idiot friends were never people you love much to bother hanging around. I mean, if they can’t look beyond hair and skin which are superficial things, what makes you think they’ll look beyond your past which ain’t so superficial?”

“I guess I was just being hopeful.”

“Well, sometimes it is a waste to pour all that hope onto people like them”, advised Finen as he curled up closer to the fire. “Maybe this will be good for us both. Get away from Elenarion, get away from superficial people like that stupid Doyen…don’t you think he’s putting on a bit tad too much weight? I mean, he is already round and all that. Plus that dark blue hair of his is starting to grey and boy, doesn’t he look old-”

“Finen, must we talk about him? I am rather restless, you know. I mean, my future is uncertain.”

“Then you make it certain. It is as simple as that.”

“So says the talking dire wolf.”

“Yup. Look, Lil. You heard The Witch. As cryptic as you think her jibber jabber was, I didn’t. I understood perfectly what she said, even though I wasn’t exactly around when you guys were busy sharing visions and what-not. Bottomline is this. If you want to return to Elenarion, you have to find Garwin. And when you do, the answers to all your questions or whatever questions you may come up with along the journey will be answered. It is that simple.”

Yes…Nil is right. I am crazy.

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