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November 5th, 2005 by Mabel
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To me anyway.

The talking dire wolf:

“Oye! You two! If you mean to have a brawl, do it outside of my inn!” yelled the innkeeper from where he stood. “I’ll not have the likes of you,” he pointed to Lilith and continued, “ruining my inn and threatening the lives of the good men here.”

“Very well”, muttered Lilith as she stood up suddenly, with the goblet of ale in her hand. Drinking heartily, she pulled out a tiny bag, dropped several gold coins and picked up her things. “What I owe you and this establishment.” As she walked past the innkeeper together with Finen following her closely with the bone in his mouth, she suddenly turned and threw a tiny fireball at the innkeeper. He jumped back in shock, brushing away the tiny remnants of flames hurridly. Lilith then ran away, giggling with mischief as the innkeeper yelled profanities at her escaping form.

“Wasn’t that funny?” she asked, coming to a halt to catch her breath. Finen dropped the bone and panted.

“Not really if you were a dire wolf who was enjoying his bone and found himself having to carry it in his mouth AND run at the same time.” With that, he flopped down onto the dusty ground, still panting; his breath creating tiny waves of dust. “Besides, what was that all about? The fireball at the innkeeper? Were you nuts? He could have easily shot us.”

“And with what? Ale tankards and nuts?”

“Well, he could have been armed!” protested Finen in indignation.

“Your wolf…he talks!” exclaimed Dymeon in alarm as he emerged from behind the bushes.

“Yes. He usually does. Now why are you here?” asked Lilith who draws her bow and arrows, aiming them at him.

“He talks!”

“Shut up and answer her, or I’ll eat you, kid!” Lilith burst out into giggles. “LIL! You’re supposed to be pointing that to him and NOT laugh!” Coughing and trying to gather herself together, she smiled before clearing her throat.

“The Witch sent me.”

“The Witch? Why the hell would she sent you or anyone, as a matter of fact, to me?”

“It’s a long story.”

“Well, I have time, as you can clearly see.” She placed down her weapons, and motioned for Dymeon to walk alongside her as she headed away from the path and into the neighbouring woods in search for a quiet spot to talk. Finding a secular grassy knoll, she flopped down on it with Finen close by still chomping on his slightly dusty bone. “Tell me. What does she have to say? That is if you understood anything she said at all. But first…introductions, human. I am Lilith and my talking dire wolf is Finen.”

“Woof”, mimicked Finen as he paused between munches.

“Har har har. Wolves don’t bark, you know”, he retorted but Finen merely ignored his jibe.

And there are the goblin-chickens…

They come to the clearing mentioned by Finen and crouched behind the large rocks, watching the small band of goblins ahead. They started quarrelling amongst themselves.


“Me got ziz firsth. You bad. You alwiz steal me jewelz!” accused one of the goblins. The other four scampered towards the accuser as another goblin puffed up with anger.

“No! Me got ziz firsth. Tar ziz good. Tuka stealz ziz jewelz from me,” countered the goblin in question. Angered, he grabbed the jewel and pointed it to the other goblin who looked startled. “Tuka ziz zhicken. Tuka ziz zhicken.” The goblin began to chant on the top of his voice and the jewel shone as if obeying its command. Instantly Tuka, the other goblin, began to sprout feathers. His lips grew forming a yellowish beak and his feet began to grow scaly, like those of a chicken.


“These goblins are mad”, exclaimed Dymeon.

“No, they are just stupid as goblins normally are”, countered Finen.


“Givez zat to me, ztupid,” yelled Tuka as he grabbed the jewel from Tar, shoving the smaller goblin away. “Me no zhicken. Tar ziz the zhicken! Tar! Tar!” The other goblin, Tar, yelped in fright as his arms turned into feathery wings. The other four goblins, who was watching this exchanged, were laughing and baying like hyenas; some rolling around on the ground.


Lilith chuckled. She found this spectacle amusing. Goblins were not the smartest of creatures and usually stayed away from playing with magical objects since they were not practitioners of magic and therefore, could not undo any spells casted upon them. She wondered where they got this little gem from. Watching on, she burst out into laughther as the argument escalated to the point where Tuka had turned Tar into a chicken crossed hyena crossed rabbit. Falling sideways, she accidently dislodged several small rocks and they rolled down the tiny mount, attracting the attention of the goblins.

And something sweet before (but towards the end):

“Very well. I will not mince words. I actually have no need of a travel companion as you can see. Finen perhaps is a better fighter than you are but I’ll reserve my judgement of that. I am on, what you might call a personal journey of some sorts and I really don’t need to babysit a stranger. The Witch may have her reasons for asking you to come along with me, but I don’t. Sorry.” Lilith stood up and began to walk away deeper into the woods. Finen sighed and followed suit again, picking up his bone.

“Wait, I…I think you’re heading the wrong way. We came from there.” He pointed to the direction from which they came from earlier, the path that led to the inn. “Going further into the forest, personally, would not lead you to where you intend to go.”

“And what would you possibly know about my journey?”

“I see enough to know that you have your secrets. Secrets which you’ll never reveal until the time is right. But I do know that we are on the same path; you have to seek what it is you’re seeking and…me? My errand is a promise to The Witch. I must fulfil it otherwise I’m doomed. Look, I know you don’t trust me. I mean, which elf would? But if you turn me away now, how will you know if you can?”

“The boy has a point”, interrupted Finen, dropping his dirty bone to the ground. He seemed to have grown tired of it throughout this drama and sat down watching the two intently.

“Shush, Finen. Look, it is not that I won’t give a chance but chances are something I can’t afford to give out just like that.”

“Fine…but won’t you at least let me come with you? I can prove myself to you when the opportunity arises and if you don’t like, you can always ask me to leave; and I’ll leave. I promise.”

“Promises are meant to be broken”, whispered Lilith sadly, as she turned and continued on her journey.

“Not where I come from. Look, I don’t care what you’re saying. I’m still going with you”, he insisted. Annoyed, Lilith drew her bow and fired an arrow at him, hitting him in the arm. Finen yelped in surprised. Dymeon groaned as blood trickled from the wound.

“You force my hand, human.” Lilith drew her bow once more but halted as what she saw next shocked both her and Finen. Drawing the arrow out from his arm, he roared in pain and stood, nearly wobbly. He tossed the arrow aside and drew his sword to protect himself for any further attacks from her. He had no wish to harm her; but if forced, he would have no choice but to retaliate. That was when it happened; the wound began to heal by itself and in no time, smooth and unblemished skin appeared. “What kind of magic is that?”

“Does it matter, elf?” he hissed; face white and cold sweat glistening on his forehead. Every injury sustained took its toll on his human body even though his darker side protected him from all forms of harm.

“Well, it does when even elf can’t do what you just did.”

“I’m complicated…that’s all there is to it.” Dymeon sheathed his sword, wiping the sweat from his brow with the sleeves of his tunic. “For now.” He shuffled towards Lilith, pushing her hand down. “Look, there is a reason to why we met. I know you’re perfectly capable fighter; you don’t need me but you know what? I need you.”

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  1. Eliar Swiftfire

    Hey! It DOES look pretty damned good. Love it when the fantasy genre is taken to somewhere unconventional. :D I like the last excerpt.

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