An excerpt from Chapter 6

November 6th, 2005 by Mabel
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This was one of the few chapters that I really enjoyed writing. There was a huge myrid of emotions at play from the beginning till the end. Somehow, my ‘bad guy’ character has grown to be the kind of guy that you would really love to hate. It is kind of sad, when you consider that he started off a nice guy, albeit insecure, but loving, warm and kind-hearted. I reckon this is what insecurity, disillusion, negativity and power do to people. From CSI NY:

If you believe in it enough, it will become real.

And it was so for Dilayne, who believed that to be respected by all, and to be powerful, he had to be exactly like his father. So much for wanting NOT to be like the old man.

Anyway, enjoy, ya?

Nothing impacted Dilayne more than the knowledge that people laughed at him. It was perhaps one of the very few sore points that this young elf had and since that day, the old Dilayne died, replaced by a new and very different Dilayne. Cruel, stronger, less empathetic, it was as if he changed overnight. The child-elf who used to show off to the females by making ice roses was replaced instead by a cold-hearted elf who saw little point in feeling, much or less loving anyone anymore. The death of the elder Doyen several later further changed Dilayne. Power, responsibility had that effect on people and he was of no exception. Somehow, along with the others responsibilities that came with the position of Doyen, Dilayne had also strangely inherited his father’s passion and belief in the fight to maintain the purity of the elven society. First thing he did as Doyen was asked for the presence of Inwe, who had been placed under house-arrest in the Temple and stripped off her position and titled as High Priestess of Shaktisys.


She appeared before him, the flame still burning in her hair, and eyes still as bright blue as it was the last he saw her, before the scandal came between the two of them. However, unlike the last time, this time she was heavy with child; one hand over her belly almost protectively. She curtsied, with slight difficulty, nearly stumbling causing Dilayne to step forward in panic. He held himself back, telling himself that it was her who led him to where he was today; it was her who killed the hope and love in him; it was her.

“Hello Dilayne…I mean, Doyen. You summoned me?”

“Yes”, he nonchalantly answered. “Please sit.” A cushioned chair appeared in the middle of the hall, in front of Inwe and she sat on it, smoothening her skirts before leaning back. “How are you feeling?”

“I am fine, Doyen.” There was silence between them; neither knew what to say to the other. “Perhaps you could tell me why you have asked for my presence.”

“I wanted to see you. To see if this is really what you want.”

“What choice did father give me? He announced my pregnancy to all, he banished Aturian, not only that, your father removed his powers rendering him useless as a mage and it is because of your father that I am under house-arrest in the Temple.”

“I see”, Dilayne muttered, fiddling with his nails. “What would you say if I told you that you could change all this if you wanted to?”

“And what is the price you seek for such a decision?” Dilayne looked up, almost surprised at what she knew. “Yes, I know what you have become. I know of what you did. I still have ears. And to think, I once thought you to be a kind, loving, good elf. Instead I see nothing but darkness and insecurity. You will never be able to pay the price that I ask for.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“Didn’t the Temple official tell you what my other gifts were? I guess not. I have the power to see into the hearts of men, elves included, if I wanted to. I saw your father for what he was the day he ranted and raved about how I had wronged him, you and this House when I all did was love another. He was an insecure and bitter man.”

“Silence”, Dilayne commanded softly.

“I saw that you were different then – hopeful, kind – but now, all I see is nothing but darkness, anguish, vengeance, and jealousy. Jealous that Aturian had best you. Aturian didn’t know who you were. He did nothing to you or anyone in Elenarion. All he did was loved me and you killed because you couldn’t stand the fact that someone else was happy and you weren’t,” Inwe continued confidently, having risen from her seat to confront him.

“SILENCE!” Dilayned roared as he waved his hand at her, sending a shockwave throughout the hall and causing Inwe to stumble backwards. Her arms went around her child, protectively.

“You have nothing that I want, Doyen.”

“But you have something that I desire”, countered Dilayne as he rose and walked towards her. Circling her, he continued, “You can have your freedom, your place as High Priestess back again…you can have anything you want so long as…”


“So long as you rid yourself of this child.”

“Never!” spat out Inwe.

“So be it. You test my patience.”

“Your patience has always been limited, Doyen. Members of your House have never been well-known for their patience, you included. I don’t know how you can possibly think that you were any different from the rest of them”, she mocked, incurring his wrath.

“I ask you one more time. Will you rid yourself of this child?”

“And I tell you once again. No.”

“Fine.” Angered beyond the point of control, Dilayne summoned forth a shockwave, gathering its strength and then releasing onto Inwe, who attempted to shield herself from the spell but failed instead. Crying out in pain as the shockwave curse through and past her body, she was flung back and landed with a large sickly thud on the ground several feet from the chair. She struggled to her side, clutching her swollen belly. A fine line of blood trickled from the corner of her lips as she looked at the Doyen, her face contorted with pain. Dilayne, for a moment sane, hurried to her side only to stop before her pain-wrecked form when she pointed a slender finger at him, and in a fit, cried out.

“I curse you, Doyen of Tyr’kyrliel. Mark my words. My child will one day seek you out and destroy you! I swear this on my blood and the life of my unborn child.” With that, she spat violently at him, drops of blood landing on his face and robe. She continued to groan violently in pain as blood began to stain her skirts. Dilayne, nervous and partly angered, was about to throw forth a fireball at her when a voice stopped him.

“What is the meaning of this travesty?” yelled one of the Temple officials who hurried to Inwe’s side. She had fainted from the pain, her face pale and lips nearly blue. Looking down at her, his eyes widened as he caught sight of her blood stained skirts. “Have you gone mad, son? Why did you attack her?” asked the official as he lifted Inwe’s unconscious. “She is with child, for the goddess sake. You are just like your father.” Scoffing, he rushed away with Inwe to the medical ward of the Temple, hoping that he would be able to save both mother and child. “And to think, we thought you were different.”


Dilayne clenched his fist and closed his eyes tightly. He could never forget what followed on later that night. Word reached him that Inwe was beyond help, having suffered internal injuries and massive loss of blood. The Temple official who had been privy to the attack, however, spoke to no one of the incident but deep down inside, Dilayne knew that it was because of him that Inwe was dying; the babe along with her, both having been in labour for many long hours. Despite their calls and prayers to Shaktisys to save both mother and child, to Dilayne’s fear, the babe was saved instead and Inwe, paled and dying, casted one look upon her daughter before breathing her last. He was later told that she had muttered several lines in ancient language, unknown to all in the room then, to the babe who smiled at her and reached out to touch her mother’s face lovingly.

Fearing the worse, he then tried to kill the child, suggesting that the babe be offered to the goddesses instead only to be hindered by the Elder Lissesul. Thank the bloody goddesses that the old foggie was now dead. Otherwise he would have had to take several drastic measures as he did with the Doyen of O’theil. Sighing, he stared up towards the skylight. He had to admit one thing though. Part of him was still very much in love with Inwe and looking back, Lilith could have been the daughter that he could never have. However, fear was more powerful than love in this instance. He had to rid himself of this child; it had been far too long since the last time he tried. There was too much at stake and besides, it would have been foolish not to.
Leaving the Hall to the privacy of his own chambers, he took a deep breath before summoning forth The Shadow. It appeared before him, wafting into a bow first.

“You called?”

“Yes. I have something to ask of you.”

“Ask away…Doyen,” it teased.

“I want to know how to evoke the Dark Queen once more. What and who do I need?”

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