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November 8th, 2005 by Mabel
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Yes…this is the part where Shaktisys, Goddess of Life comes in (chapter 7, in case you’re wondering). It was also the part that made me laugh until I nearly fell out of my chair. Luckily, most of the peeps at work were out for lunch. :)

I’m not too sure how I came about the concept in the first place. I reckoned it had something to do with that picture of me’self (which Nil took) wearing a dark pink helment with just my eyes, nose and lips being visible AND the fact that I was staring at my plant aimlessly when someone mentioned the word ‘opposite’ at work. It hit me then. I just had to do a non-stereotypical Goddess character AND a stereotypical one with a twist.

Hm…I am actually looking forward to the chapter where I intro Utilyrael, Shaktisys’s very different sister. ;)

Lilith looked around her. There was nothing. No trees, no grass, no fire, nothing that remotely looked like the area where they had earlier stop to rest and sleep for the night, not even a single star in the sky. There was no sky to begin with. It looked as if she had stepped into nothingness itself, just a vast expense of white with no walls, no borders, no walls or ceilings. She began to feel sick, having lost sign of depth and length. Steeling her nerves, Lilith stepped forward, a fireball in the palm of one hand, readying herself for any sign of possible attack. I don’t think it would be of much use but we’ll see how it goes. She moved aimlessly yet warily around.

“Hello there”, a voice behind her greeted. Immediately, she turned, sending the fireball towards the direction of the voice and ultimately, its owner. It was a female elf dressed in the oddest of outfits with dark grey hair that had silver highlights in them. She stretched forth her arm, palm facing out and much to Lilith’s surprise, quelled and extinguished the fireball. “Fear not”, she assured, as she ambled towards a stunned Lilith.

As she got closer, Lilith could see that the elf was dressed in a pair of the tightest leather pants she had ever seen (elves normally wore pants made from cloth for leather was commonly used to make bags that would later be utilized for the storage of alcoholic spirits), with a midriff baring top and a dark shining black jacket topped off with a long thick silver chain and a glimmering belt. She wore not soft cowhide shoes like other elves but hard black shining leather boots with a large zip that ran on the side from top to sole. When Lilith looked back up, she yelped with alarm for the elf, now standing before her, had pierced her nose, eyebrows and ears. There were four little studs; each of different colour – blue, green, white and brown – and a dangly earring made up of bronze weaves surrounding gold and silver beads on each ear, running from the top of the curl of the ear to the thick fleshy lobe.

“What in goddess’ name is that?” questioned Lilith as she pointed towards what looked like a tiny diamond encased in silver sticking out from the elf’s belly button.

“Oh…it’s my belly button piercing. Like it?” showed off the elf as she parted her leather jacket, revealing a smooth, firm belly and the infamous piercing.

“It’s…unusual”, stammered Lilith who had never seen anything like this before in her entire elven life. Elves just do not look like this. It was not…right. “Who…who are you?”

“OH! Yes, I almost forget. You know me. I’m Shaktisys, Goddess of Life.”

“But…but you’re supposed to be dressed in white and not look anything like a biker chick from hell.” Lilith bit her lip, having said more than was appropriate, but the Goddess did not seem offended at all. On the contrary, she looked as if she was used to such remarks.

“Oh, the white business, looking prim and proper…well, it sounds more like you’re describing my sister. I like leather A LOT and jewellery is absolutely divine. We’re exact opposites, as you would know but I guess you could say we got our roles reversed at birth”, giggled Shaktisys before nudging Lilith in the belly softly. “It’s a family joke.”

Lilith chuckled nervously. She was not exactly sure what to make of this biker chick-Goddess of Life. From what she had known all her life about Shaktisys, the goddess was the protector of all that was good, and of pure heart. Her worshippers were mostly healers, and wielders of nature magic. Oddly enough, the statue of her in the Temple bore little, to no resemblance whatsoever to the Goddess now standing before her. The statue then had pictured the Goddess in a flowing robe with no piercings whatsoever, belly button or otherwise.

“Yes, I know. I actually wonder about it sometimes; how I let those old foggies get away by portraying me in such a prim and proper manner. Makes it difficult for me to appear to people dressed like this. They end up getting either a heart-attack or worse, think that I’m my sister and out to play a prank on them”, Shaktisys explained with a laugh here and there, as though having read Lilith’s mind. “Anyway, you must be wondering why I’m here to see you.” Lilith nodded, still unsure of what to make of the Goddess, not that she had met any before. It was just that Shaktisys was nothing like what she had imagine her to be. “I’m here about your quest…your desire to right what was wrong and to seek Garwin.”

“You know about that?”

“Of course!” cried Shaktisys vehemently, placing one hand upon her hip and frowning at Lilith. “Us goddesses know all there is TO know. Anyway,” Shaktisys drawled, draping one arm across Lilith’s shoulder, guiding her, before continuing, “the person you seek can be found up North towards the Cliffs of Fire, specifically in one of the many narrow cavern passages. I can’t tell you which one exactly though.”

“Why not?”

“Because if I do, it wouldn’t be fun, now would it?”


“Why, thank you.”

I love writing this! :-D

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