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October 25th, 2004 by Mabel
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…or not. -.-

NaNoWriMo is coming up again…and since I am an active blogger over here, I reckoned I would have enough time to complete this year’s NNWM challenge.

I failed last year namely due to one overriding factor: lack of free time to write. November is always a hectic time for me, especially when you consider that it is peak ’season’ for exams, assignment deadlines and what-nots. What so hard, you may ask? Well, considering that I have to grade ALL of these bloody papers and it takes me hours…well, it’s hard enough.

Anyway, this year’s story – unlike the previous novels that I have written (which were either about love or tragedies) – is mostly based on philosophy, environment and a mixture of sci-fiction and period.

Here is a brief taste of what is to come:

“Is this who we really are? Or are we just another reflection in the mirror staring back at ourselves, wondering if we are just a shadow? Do people really want to live forever? Is the heart a biological machine of logic and precision? Or is it an instrument of emotion and-”

“You ask too many questions, (insert name here),” he replies tersely, cutting her off. “Did you ever consider that sometimes questions do not really matter? That it is best not to know all the answers to life’s questions?”

“But how can that be? Surely YOU of all people would know the answers that I so desperately seek. You, with your gifts of wisdom.”

“Sometimes in the face of ignorance lies wisdom. It all depends on what kind of wisdom you desire, what kind of wisdom you see as the truth or as a lie, and what you think wisdom is in actual fact.”

She turns away, her head throbbing painfully. One would assume that with her gifts of logic and scientific rationality, she would be able to piece together the missing pieces. Instead her mind is more clouded than ever.

The unthinkable occurs – she questions herself and all that she knew was familiar to her, just to understand this one Fallen Immortal.

By the way, don’t forget to wish me luck!!!

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