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November 14th, 2005 by Mabel
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I have decided to work on two novels at the same time.

The Shadow and my 2003 NaNo novel entitled Butterflies in The Sand.

I don’t know how nor why (except for the fact that I’m growing bored with my 2005 novel) but yeah…my goal would be to hit around 2K for each novel with a minimum of 1K. I reckoned that it will help stem off whatever boredom I’m beginning to feel for The Shadow and I really don’t want to write crap out when I’m bored with the story.

It’s not that I have ran out of things to write. Hardly the case. I’m at an exciting chapter but I’m just tired of putting up with those few characters. They are wearing me out and Su Ann, my FMC in the other novel, is a breath of fresh air – I think.

I dunno, really. Just felt like doing something different…for now. Besides, it might just give me some ideas for my 2005 novel, which I plan to finish in January/February.

BiTS (Butterflies in The Sand)? Well, that is back-up-for-when-you-feel-bored. ;-)

But yeah. Two novels. For the next three to four months.


ps: Have stopped updating my word count here coz of the complication of having two novels being worked on at the same time. Heh.

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