Excerpt from Chapter 10

November 15th, 2005 by Mabel
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So much for friendship. ~_~

Note: Must make mental note to oneself about the sudden increase of crudity in elven language.

The girl had reminded him so much as her mother as he watched her grew from a babe into an adult. Though she had none of her mother’s colouring, Allaein could see the fire, and spirit of Inwe being reflected in her own daughter. The fights Lilith had with his son were a testiment to the skills and spirit the young elven girl then had. Characteristics that Inwe too had; characteristics that captured the heart of many Doyens who were then heirs to the chair of the House, young elven males with hot blood and hot tempers. Each then had hoped that they would, one day, be partnered to the fiery haired, blue-eyed High Priestess of Shaktisys who was renowned both for her grace and beauty.

Instead they were disappointed when the Temple officials announced the pairing and proclaimed the House of Tyr’kyrliel as the soon-to-be partner of the high priestess. A lot of the other Houses were displeased by the decision but they spoke nothing of it. Allaein was happy for it was his best friend that was to be paired to Inwe and like most well-mannered, good-natured elves, he had nothing but the best and heartiest of congratulations reserved for Dilayne. However, their friendship ended when Allaein heard of the scandal that rocked the Temple of Shaktisys and the sentences called forth by the House of Tyr’kyrliel.


Many moons ago…

“How could you? She is with child!” cried Allaein, outraged by the actions of Dilayne’s now-dead father and of Dilayne himself who had made the scandal public by calling for her death. Thankfully, the Elders had enough sense to not agree with the decision and placed Inwe under house arrest instead.

“Like I care”, scoffed the obviously angry elf has he poured himself a glass of hearty ale and took a generous gulp. “She violated the pledge and the sanctity of the Temple by fucking around with that halfing. And as if that wasn’t enough, she had to go and get herself knocked up.”

“Oh, come off your bloody high horse. Who the hell made you the moral police of this bloody village? You, yourself, are not without your faults, having several bedmates from lesser ranking Houses before undertaking the Lesseour.”

“That’s different!” excused Dilayne as he turned swiftly, tipping the glass, causing ale to slosh out and onto the floor. “It is my right as a member of the highest ranking House to fuck whoever I want and when I want to. But she…she is to be my bloody wife and she cannot even stay loyal to me before the bloody Lesseour. How can you expect to stay loyal to me after?”

“She is in love with the man, for crying out loud.”

“She is blinded by lust!” countered Dilayne. “Look…we have been friends since we were children. I tolerated jibes from my own father about the people I took on as friends. Don’t you bloody get all self-righteous and try to lecture me when you can’t even bring it upon yourself to admit that you want her and wished it was you she fucked and not that stupid halfing Aturian!”

“I’ll ignore that silly remark simply because you are drunk and don’t know what you’re babbling about.”

“I do too! You like her. I saw you. I see all of you making eyes at her. You are just goddamn jealous that I got her instead. All your fake congratulatory messages and stuff and you people are not even decent enough to admit that you are just bloody JEALOUS!” he yelled. There was a short silence between them as both eyed each other tensely.

“Yes, I love her. Do you?” Dilayne stood, his fists clenching the wooden table tightly, unable to answer his friend’s question. “Just as I suspected. You just want to possess her like how you possess those trophies of your victories during hunts, battles and fights. She is just another elf like you, Dilayne. With emotions, feelings, with blood!”

“And what of mine?”

“In goddess’ name, this is not about your-bloody-self!” roared Allaein, exasperated at his friend’s muleheadness. “It is about you, her and the goddamn entire village which is about to go to the shits just because some high priestess decided to follow her heart instead of her mind. She did the same thing our ancestors before us did – choose the path of love irrespective of who or what it led too.”

“We are elvens. Pure blooded elvens.”

“HAR! You live in times of denial, Dilayne. There is no such thing as pure elven blood. You and I know that. Life before the Great War has left us all with a tinge of human blood coursing through our veins. And a good thing too. It made me more human, so to speak, more in tuned with our emotions.”

“It made us weaker. And if it wasn’t for the strength of my House, this village would already be in the dumps. If it wasn’t for my father, the whoring elf and her lover would have brought more shame upon us all.” Allaein roared with frustration. This conversation was going nowhere but in circles instead.

“Look, Aturian, I can somehow understand, even though I wish I didn’t have to. But Inwe? You swore you love her. Why this course of action?”

“Yes, I loved her”, recalled Dilayne, almost with a tinge of wistfulness as he poured himself another glass of ale, drinking heartily. “Once. A long time ago. But that Dilayne is no longer alive. He died with her betrayal, and therefore should and must be punished for her actions.”

“You speak of the law but you perverse the law with your power and influence in attempts to silence a life that made you look fuckingly bad. So she fucked around and she played you out. So she failed to honour the contract. The law clearly stated that high priestesses have every right to back out of a Lesseour agreement upon adulthood. You let your own anger, and hatred for all that she had which you could never ever get perverse your sense of justice. Your House is suppose to lead by example, suppose to embody the true meaning of elven pride. Instead you are a bloody disgrace to this village.”

“Allaein…you overstep your boundary as a friend.”

“Have you ever seen me as a friend? Because if you do, you wouldn’t question what I’m telling you now.”

“Then we are better off as enemies”, declared Dilayne, almost off-handedly. Allaein sighed.

“So it has come to this. Years of friendship ended because you cannot see beyond your bloody pride. So be it. Far be it for me to say otherwise.”

“Our years of friendship ended because of a woman”, countered Dilayne tersely. “And because I grow tired of your lectures. Now get out, Doyen of Hauycileon! You have overstayed your welcome.”


Since that day, the two never again spoke a word to each other. Not even when the House of Hauycileon threw a huge party to celebrate Allaein wedding or the birth of his child. Sure, the Dilayne came for every one of those meetings, as was his duty of Doyen of his House, but they never exchanged more than a greeting. It was as if they were never friends to begin with.

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