The Rose.

February 21st, 2006 by Mabel
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It has been so long since I last wrote any poetry and decided to dig up some old ones and plonk them down in this now-quiet site.

The Rose
Written on 26 August 1999

Last spring…
I was greeted with the appearance of a red rose in my garden

It was as red as blood,
as sweet as the morning dew,
as fragrant as the strongest perfume
I watched it grow, blooming beautifully,
basking in the brightness of the sun
Its petals glimmered, showered with dewdrops that tasted like honey
They were as soft as thistledown, yet strong
The red rose stood in the middle,
surrounded by dark, withered flowers
Its bright hue tantalised and hypnotised me

As spring went slowly
I cared for the rose with all my heart,
showering it with love and affection,
nurturing it like a mother to a child
It stood magnificently in all its splendour and power
Its petals covered with dewdrops
that looked like diamonds in the light, like pearls in the moonlight,
Everyday I stood by the side of the dark garden,
watching the rose bloom and grow so beautifully

Summer came and flew by so quickly
Yet the rose was still as beautiful as ever,
Its red hue darkened, its petals like soft velvet, glimmering in the garden
I smiled, for seeing the red rose brightened my heart

One day, when I awoke…
It was chilly and cold,
with frost covering the edge of the garden
Something was wrong…
Instinctively I searched for the rose,
hoping that its rich red hue would greet my eyes

Instead, it stood in the middle of the garden,
covered in a thin layer of frost
Its red no longer rich and bright,
but was as dark as the winter night
Its dewdrops were bitter and hung from the petals
like darkened drops of poison
I reached out to touch it,
with tears clouding my eyes
Its fragile petals no longer felt soft like thistledown
Frightened, I tried to revive it but my efforts failed me

I can’t really remember the overall theme of this poem and what it was that inspired me. Perhaps it had something to do with a broken heart. Not really too sure though.

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