Reflection in the mirror.

February 22nd, 2006 by Mabel
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I was never exactly this matured, strong and level-headed creature. Once upon a time ago, I was very prone to depression and suicide was a thing that played in my imagination – although it never did transcend to reality. That I did control. So I poured out most of my childish emotions onto paper and pen.

This was the result of such an action.

Reflection in the mirror
Written in June 1999

Reflection in the mirror…
What do you see when you look at me?
Do you see someone you know?
Or do you see a lost soul begging for peace?
Could you help this soul to understand the world and me?

Could you help her to survive in a cruel world?
She finds little joy in the world,
Where the sun never shines,
where the heart is always broken
and where love seems impossible to find

She cares for someone who does not love her,
He does not seem to care for her
The way she cares for him…
Torn between her passion for love and
a seemingly never-ending lonely life,
She finds life too hard to carry on…
Too painful for her…

Her life is filled with bitterness and anger
At the world and at people
people who try to change her,
Hoping that she would trade her uniqueness for conformity
to a society without individuals

All she ever wanted was a life worth living for,
a live which was solely hers and no one else’s

Reflection in the mirror…
Could you help her find the truth?
The truth that could save her soul from
a life of perpetual loneliness and misery…
The truth that is hidden within you
Could you help her see that I am her?

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