Prologue: The Beginning

November 1st, 2004 by Mabel
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33th Day of the year 3033 (2nd February, 3033)

Tonight is the rounding of the Tres, as we call it here. I believe my Earth ancestors would call this phenomenon “a full moon” but the Tres is different. The three large moons of Ancile shining in its full splendour.

The trinity of creation as the Council called them. We never got around to officially naming the individual moons. After all, we never saw them as three different moons that make up a trinity but always as one. The Tres would not be what it is if one was gone. There was no question of it. They just had to be one. It made sense logically. It made sense scientifically. It made sense culturally. Three was the symbol of completeness in the New World Order and the Tres was it. Completeness. Funny how we have come full circle to the place where our ancestors once were.

Our Earth ancestors that is.

I was never there personally but the story has always been the same. Passed down from one generation to the next, from parent to child…the death of the old and the beginning of new life.

It started with the beginning of the new millennium. We reigned supreme as the most highly evolved, intelligent species on the planet Earth. It seemed like it was only yesterday that the dawn of mankind was here, to last forever. The hallmark of man’s eternal wisdom, logic, rationality, engineering and power were evident in his many creations. We grew; we evolved and we achieved perfection in everything we touched. It was a complete world, and our journey had reached its end…or so we thought.

It became apparent soon that Earth could not hold us all together anymore. She was dying. The slow but increasing number of sporadic thunderstorm in the driest places of the land, snow in the warmest; freak weather trends were the first indications of a new yet perilous journey ahead again for man. But we are a stubborn people and we stayed on, trying to adapt. At first it seemed funny, almost strange to see oceans of furry jackets in the middle of countries lined across the equator, or even hot-pink scraps of cloth called a bikini in the middle of the Artic.

And then it stopped being funny.

People were beginning to starve. Crazy weather patterns made agriculture and farming difficult. Everywhere governments were receiving reports on the increase in deaths among the animal and plant species. It was no long before one would consider themselves lucky to catch a glimpse of a winged animal – butterflies, I think they were called – in the wild. The only place you could see them was in a test-tube, their DNA kept safe for future use. Yes, it came to a point where we begin cataloguing whatever we saw and knew of to be natural. We would harvest their genetic blueprint and place it in a test-tube, archive it and hope for a day where we could re-create these creatures again. For some, to see these magnificent creatures again.

That day never came for some.

A lone female figure sat by a small little desk, her hands gently tapping the soft luminous keys of a plasma keyboard. Moonlight shone through the lace curtains and for a moment, she paused, lifting her face to glimpse at the Tres, the moons of Ancile. Sighing with a little Mona Lisa-like smile, she continued typing, words forming in mid-air, turning into sentences, paragraphs and finally into little coherent patterns of thoughts. Her thoughts. She continued on.

The Exodus in the year 2544 marked the mass migration of the human species to other planets in the solar system. The Earth was too unstable for human habitation, much or less habitation for any other species. We took whatever that we had and we left in hordes of tens of thousands. Our little spacecrafts cutting through the Earthly skies to reach distant cosmic lands. By then, technology – our technology – had enabled us to produce many of our basis necessities from pure ingenuity and perhaps even madness. Oxygen, water, food, shelter, and ultimately…us. Yes, cloning was possible.

The New World Order came upon us.

Within a hundred years, the human population cosmos-wide evolved into something which perhaps my Earth ancestors would have only seen in the movies – a largely crude form of visual mass entertainment. Where once there were just humans, the Exodus saw the birth of the first generation of Immortals, humans with remarkable gifts of intelligence, strength, and skill. Humans which had the gift of longevity – they could live up to 200 years – but were unfortunately sterile. These individuals were to form the first Immortal Council – an administrative team assigned to oversee the protection of mankind and the safekeeping of the Home Grounds, what we affectionately call the clusters of man-made colonies in space.

Sometimes I wonder if these evolutions were good to begin with. Of course, any species must evolve and adapt to changes around them, but not all changes are good.

Anyway, together, the Council put in place laws that would eventually lead to the sterilisation of mankind as a whole both emotionally and physically. Emotions such as love, lust, happiness, jealousy, anger, and so forth were deemed illegal for the Council saw nothing but chaos, disruption, and death in having emotions. Immortals had nothing to fear from these law for their gifts prevented them from having emotions; they had become a breed of humans with extreme rationality and logic but no heart, no…feel. To prevent the continual survival of emotions in man, all Mortals were sterilized, some culled and only the chosen few Immortals were allowed to breed.

By the rise of the third millennium, the Council saw the need to select a special home for the administrative team of two million. Two million adults and children born to Immortals who had undergone genetic engineering to reverse their sterile state. The new home was called Caelestis, or “a place of heaven”, the home of the supreme beings – that was what Mortals called us – and office of the Council. Members of the Council became what was known as officers of the Caelestis regime. Immortals were trained into positions of science, military, education, economic, and financial positions – each working together to ensure the continual survival of the New World Order.

It was a perfect world once again.

Yet one cannot help but wonder how this came to be, how I – a supreme being and scientific office of the Caelestis regime – would end up here, on this planet. What is more amazing is that I am feeling emotions that I never knew before now and am a mother to-be. Things that could not have been two years ago, had I chosen to return to Caelestis.

My name is Aglaia, daughter of the house of Arrius and I am from Ancile, home for the fallen. I write this not for my sake, but for the sake of my unborn child, so that she may know of her true origins, of how far we have come and of our ways of error and arrogance…of life itself.

And this is her story.

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