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March 1st, 2006 by Mabel
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After not touching anything for the past few months, I’ve decided to dust my 2003 NaNoWriMo novel and give it a really good makeover. It speaks of abuse, suicide and depression in a Chinese family and how one girl failed to battle it all.

Utterly sad and depressing, really. =.=

OUTLINE for The Story of Amelia Ng

  • Prologue: Death An introduction to the present day scenario of the story itself and how the family, particularly Amy’s sister is coping with the girl’s death.
  • Chapter One: Amelia Amy’s turbulent childhood is examined.
  • Chapter Two: Ricky Ng The man who could have changed it all had he spoke up for himself and the ones he loved.
  • Chapter Three: Friends Sasha and Angela – girl friends, confidante and sisters.
  • Chapter Four: Dreams The dreams of a lifetime.
  • Chapter Five: Runaway The beginning sparked by Ma’s cruel and embarassing punishment. Amy escapes from home and encounters with Alan Fernandez, supposedly the man of her dreams. They begin a whirlwind romance.
  • Chapter Six: Alan Fernandez The man who turned her world upside down.
  • Chapter Seven: Betrayal Alan sells Amy’s virginity (without her knowledge) to several bidders who later drug and rape her, filming the entire ordeal for sale over the Internet.
  • Chapter Eight: The Ultimate Escape Depressed and ostracized by friends and family, Amy drifts further away from reality and finds comfort in death.
  • Chapter Nine: Revenge Karmic retribution.
  • Chapter Ten: Laura Ng Once the protector and now, the victim.
  • Epilogue: Daisy Ng The family collapses and Ma looks inwardly although it’s too late now.

This novel is not meant to be very long as you can see. There is something about writing short, shocking stories. I just hope I don’t chicken out halfway again as I did two years ago when writing the original piece.

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