Six Degrees: Plot (Refining things a little…)

May 23rd, 2006 by Mabel
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Then there were a few more songs and this old little script dug up from the bowels of my college days. While I thought it would have been great to write a script based on the whole “Whodunnit”, my lecturer felt that it was similar to one of his favourite great classics. O’well…so much for originality.

BUT I am still going to take the idea. Only interweave the damn thing into what has now turned into something longer that a typical short story. Lets see…

A murder. Retro-70s in the future (don’t ask how I’m gonna tackle it). Five people with stories of their own, summarized by songs of the past. A mystery figure.

Right now, I am leaning towards No Regrets and Pina Coladas – planning on hijacking a French, Chinese and Malay song but we’ll see how it goes. What about the ending, you ask. Well, gimme a break and let me start working on the whole thing first before I can even think of an ending.

Now…to find the time to write out a decent timeline/plot/storyline or whatever hell you call it. GAH.

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