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July 5th, 2006 by Mabel
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This place has grown quiet over these past few weeks while in reality, work has thrown a spanner into things.

Somehow, the stresses from work has had a significant impact on my creativity levels. I can’t really put my finger to it but it’s hard to write when all you have been doing is editing and consolidating legislation, cases and what-not. Hard to read stuff. Boring stuff. When you’re done with everything, all you want to do is just NOT work your brain for the next few hours.

I wonder how this is going to impact this year’s NaNo challenge.

Oh, don’t mind. I still get bombarded with ideas. As mentioned in another post, I’m toying with the idea of incorporating dreams, the supernatural and the whole thing about past lives into my next work. The trouble is how do I piece the pieces together? How should I go about weaving those influences in? What should the story be about?


It doesn’t help that of lately, because Nil isn’t around, I’ve been consoling myself with romance novels and/or cheesy music. So my ideas have taken on a romantic twist which I can’t seem to write smoothly. There is just something so wrong with romantic notions that are not realistic. In a way, it is healthy to have some of the typical romantic ideals in life BUT not too much lest it takes over realism.

In reality, knights in shining armour are knights in rusty armour, flawed and all; women don’t start a fight or break-up in hopes of winning the guy back AND get what they want; not all love affairs have tragedy written all over; not all women are drama queens, and so forth. Don’t mind me. I’m just thinking of someone while writing this.

Hm. Maybe…just MAYBE…I’ll do that whole satire thing.

Oh, the joys of writing.

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