Chapther Four: Giles

November 8th, 2004 by Mabel
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The door of his hut closed behind him, as he unravelled his tie and tossed it on his bed. He walked towards the chamber screen, running his fingers through his blond hair. Staring out into the night, he scanned the horizon, watching the twinkling stars in the sky. His eyes fell on one particular hut and he smiled to himself. Clutching her bag tightly in his hand, he laid down on his bed, thanking himself in silence for the luck of meeting her. Not so much for him to facilitate his plans but for the wonder of it all. She was such a refreshing change from the other Fallen ones. So pure, so naïve, so wonderfully curious and oddly virginal.

Placing the bag to his nose, he breathed in deeply. It reminded him of her scent, of a woman’s scent. God, how long it has been since I had a woman in my arms, felt her warm embrace, tasted her sweet lips. And of all people it had to be her. He chuckled to himself, dropping the bag to his side and folding his arms across his chest.

Giles remembered how she had confessed her feelings to him ten years ago. The shock he felt, the stunned look he knew he had on his face…how could he have not known? It was projected back onto him through her eyes.

He remembered how he left her standing in the Hall perhaps feeling dumbfounded and rueing the day that she ran into him with all her reports and logs. He remembered feeling utterly lost and consulting his father on the matter. General Priam’s face had turned a shade of deadly red and puffed up in consternation, bellowing out insults and threats at the top of his voice. Giles frowned. I bet the old man still hasn’t changed one bit. Probably still puffing up and as pompous as ever. He was never much of a regular sterile Immortal anyway. Funny how he accused me of shaming the family name when he himself was equally if not more emotional than I ever will be. Whether he wanted to admit it or not, he was just like any of us Fallen ones. Five years ago…

“HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?” yelled General Priam. “How could you stand there in front of me, in front of the ancestors of this House with your shameless act and words?” Turning away, he gripped his hover chair tightly, the material straining against the pressure of his grasp.

Giles stood, nearly ramrod straight, his forehead crinkled in a frown, his fists tightly clenched together. “I still do not see why you are upset over a matter like this, Father. It was just a comment made out of…made out of…oh, what was that word again?”

“STUPIDITY. That was what it was! Stupidity. YOUR stupidity,” General Priam easily provided. His nostrils flared, causing his bushy moustache to do a little tickle and his fat cheeks turned a bright shade of red. “The Council was on the verge of handing you the biggest assignment on Caelestis and you blew it away with a remark like that. You could have been High Officer. But no, you had to take that jibe from what-his-name from the House of Sarrius and worse, you made it in public. Have you no brains? Haven’t I taught you everything there was to know about emotions?”

“Actually, if you analyse the specifics of my education, you would see that you taught me nothing, father. The Academy did. I spent nearly the entirety of my childhood and growing years there. And if anyone is to blame, you are.” Giles knew he was playing with fire. Judging from the look on General Priam’s face, it would have been hardly surprising if he had just keeled over in anger, but Giles did not care. He rambled on, a feeling of satisfaction warming his entire self. “Logical, if I am accused of being ‘emotional’ and an embarrassment to this House, well, father, so are you. Look at you now; nostrils all flaring, fat cheeks all red. You are just about as emotional as I am if not more.”

“SILENCE!” General Priam advanced towards him, smashing a fist into the table nearest to him. “You listen to me. I will not tolerate any form of insolent, disrespectful behaviour towards me. I am still your father, whether you like it or not.”

“You are merely a tank that holds half of me,” declared Giles proudly.


Giles knew what happened after that night of yelling. He was brought forward before the Council before the week was out. Rubbing his dried eyes for a moment, he sat up, staring at the door, recalling the day that changed his life five years ago. He could never forget. It was just too vivid, too…painful.

“The Council has reason to believe that you have been showing a range of outbursts that are neither rationally or logically. Eye-witness reports and a confession on the matter made by yourself have done nothing but convinced us that your misdemeanours are tantamount to insubordination and treason to the regime. Before we pass the sentence on you, do you have any last words to say?” announced General Priam stoically. He looked down upon his son, emotionless and refusing to make any eye contact, choosing only to stare blindly at the spot behind his son’s face.

“Would it matter if I say anything at all? Would it change your already-made up mind? Would you honestly pay attention to anything a convicted criminal says? But I will say something. This was never a trial to begin with. In reality, this is a sentencing.” Whispers began to circulate amongst the Elders as they objected to his accusation. Giles knew of their thoughts. He could hear them, hear their accusations, hear their insults, their jibes. “In your minds, you have already judged me guilty. You sit there behind that table, on that platform, preaching about justice, about fairness, about equality and yet you place yourself above all of us – even though deep down inside, you KNOW that we are equals. Science has proven it, yet you discredit scientific logic and rationality. Instead you do what you sit here today condemning me for – you follow your emotions, your instinct to survive.” Loud gasps of shock filled the air.

“You will stop now,” warned one Elder as he leaned forward to address Giles. He was ignored.

“You feel and yet you exile those around you for doing exactly what you try to hide.”

“SILENCE!” bellowed General Priam, standing, red-faced and puffed-up.

“You all have shamed the Code. And those are my final words.”

“We have given you a chance to redeem yourself and yet you insult us at every turn, even failing to recognize your own failure to uphold the Code as an Immortal. We had hoped much from a man with your blood and heritage. But some things are just not meant to be,” explained a female elder as she leaned back against her seat, looking rather pale and tired.

“Please rise to face the council,” ordered Lady Evania. “I am sorry, Giles.” Giles stood and nodded towards Lady Evania, bestowing upon her only a sign of respect. For the rest, he had none, choosing instead to stand upright defiantly. His actions merely angered General Priam.

“Giles of the House of Priam, you are hereby sentenced to a life in exile on the planet Ancile. Tomorrow, you will be escorted to an exile port and left on the planet where you will not, I repeat, will not attempt to leave under any circumstances whatsoever. You are forbidden to come within twenty star-metres of any colony belonging to the regime and should you be caught doing so, you will be executed immediately. You are forbidden from communicating with any member of the regime. All your titles are to be struck off, property confiscated and placed under administration and your family ties severed. You are no longer part of the House of Priam. Henceforth, you will only be known as Giles,” pronounced General Priam. One would think that he was placing a sentence on another Immortal and not his own flesh and blood.

“Nevertheless, you will be allowed to take several items of value to you to Ancile. This includes books, clothes and other any artefacts. You have an allowance of 15 metros in weight for this journey. I wish you every bit of luck and may the stars watch over you,” continued Lady Evania.

Giles frowned as he recalled the look on his father’s face when he left the Council chambers. His first few days after the trial were slow, and emotionless. Part of him was still unable to believe that his father was capable of such…cruelty. Yet he knew that it was possible. His father was a military man, schooled and trained in the arts of cruelty and manipulation. It was no wonder that General Priam was supreme leader of the regime.

Sighing, Giles stood up, looking around his chamber for some inkling of how to past the night away. He found it hard to sleep, more so after what had happened earlier with Aglaia and the recollection of his past. Spotting the note-pod on his desk, he decided that work was an excellent way to kill time and perhaps, make him drowsy enough to fall off to sleep. Work in the form of reports and logs on one of the colony’s major scientific breakthrough; a fertility drug named Eden – a name that Giles hope would one day be reflected in future societies whereby humans were free to bear children the ancient way. He envisioned a future that was technologically advanced yet humanistic in nature with all the ranges of emotions inherently part of a human being.

Turning on the note-pod and plugging the port wire into a socket in the chamber wall, he began typing on a plasma keyboard, his eyes scanning the contents displayed on the holographic screen. Pausing for a moment and then leaning back into his hover-chair, he ruminated on the findings.

Eden was a chance discovery; a by-product of another drug which he and his team of researchers were creating to counter several ancient forms of crop diseases. During the production process, all by-products, which were bio-degradable and non-toxic, were discarded into a control area monitored on a bi-weekly basis for any signs of changes in the soil composition and ecosystem of that area. Samples of plants were taken for analysis, and animals were caught and their blood harvested for testing. For several weeks in a row, controllers noticed a huge increase in the fertility rate of animal species living around the area whose genetic compositions were similar to the human genome pattern. After debates and additional research, Giles and his team realized that they were on the brink of a discovery that had the potential to not only change lives of Fallen Ones but also disrupt the entire regime. Imagine presenting this to the regime. Father would go ballistics if he found out that ‘traitors’ were breeding like rabbits because of this drug. To think that it was just a chance discovery. Surely this is a sign of some sort.

He chuckled to himself and continued tapping furiously; occasionally pausing to rub his eyes or clear his head. Eden will prove one thing to the entire regime; that life will always find a way, that change is inevitably. Father was wrong to have said that I would never make a difference in this lifetime or the next. He has always been wrong about me. General Priam’s words echoed in the quiet darkness of the night as Giles paused for a moment, deep furrows crinkling his forehead.

The night before the exile…

Giles placed his palm on the ID scanner at the side of the door leading to his room for the final time. He would never be able to do this again but that was the last thing on his mind at the moment. The door opened and a familiar female voice greeted him. It was his android assistant, a rather nifty little creation which was created nearly twenty years ago. This was the latest model, costing him nearly three thousand credits for purchase.

“Good evening, Giles. Shall I prepare a bath for you?”

“No thank you, Via.” In the beginning, Giles had struggled for a name before choosing Via; it was an acronym for its real name – Virtual Interactive Assistant. After uploading some hacks into the system and making some physical modifications to the android’s external tissue – the android when first purchased featured a clear graphite casing. Now, after more credit investments, he saw himself staring at a pleasant looking android with glowing translucent blue-silver glowing plasma tissue. Giles settled on a certain kind of female voice, the soft, melodic, alto pitch which he found soothing and attractive. Slumping in a nearby chair, he ran his fingers through his hair before deciding on what to do.



“I need you to pack a bag for me. With everything I need to last me a lifetime. Literally”

“Are you going on a vacation?” enquired Via as she went about his chamber, packing some clothes and personal items into a huge stainless steel suitcase. She worked quickly, folding clothes at lightning speed. Giles paused for a while, running his fingers across the hover-chair armrest aimlessly.

“Not really. I am going to Ancile.” Everything stopped; clothes remained half-folded, her arms stilled as if she was in shock. He swallowed before continuing. “Remember the talks I have been having with you? The ones about feelings and emotions?”

“Yes” replied Via as she continued packing and once done, snapped shut the suitcase and placed it on the floor.

“Well, I made a comment about it in Artificial Intelligence Engineering two days ago when we were talking about the logic behind the lack of emotions in androids. I…I made a public comment. The Council called me in and they decided that Ancile would be a better place for me.”

“But why?”

“Because he sees me as a threat. A disgrace to the House of Priam. So I am now forced to leave because one man cannot tolerate the truth.”

“What about me?” enquired the android almost lovingly. The door to the chamber opened suddenly and General Priam stepped in, looking quite stern and stiff. He looked around the room, feeling disgusted at the sight of many ancient Earthly artefacts. Turning to face Giles, whom he no longer considered as his son, he scoffed.

“I see your chamber is still filled with junk. But no matter, by the end of tomorrow, it will be dust, cosmic dust. And your expensive toy here will be gone to the junk.”

“NO!” cried Via vehemently. General Priam whirled around, and without hesitation, shot an electro-laser dart right into the android’s chest, causing it to twitch violently and shut down completely.

“There. Now it’s just part of the garbage you have accumulated over the years.”

“What the hell did you do that for? She did nothing wrong to you!”

“Yes she did. Just her presence irritates me. Just her defiance insults me. Just the fact that she belongs to a useless twit like you is enough to do me wrong,” drawled General Priam as he stuff his weapon back into its holster. “Do not forget who was the one who really bought her.”

“I did.”

“Yes, with my credits. You’ve never earned a credit in your entire life. How could you? The way you laze about and yet demand for rights which only an honest working Immortal could have. You were a burden this society could jolly well be rid off and finally, we are. Praise the stars.”

“You just couldn’t wait, could you? Just had to come in here and gloat about your victory,” accused Giles, as he stood in front of his father, his green eyes turning into a blend of stormy grey and dark green. “And what a shallow victory it must be for you. To cast out your only son, your future prospect, the one person who could inherit your place on the Council. Doesn’t it just reflect on you, Father? But wait, I shouldn’t be calling you that, now, should I?”

“You flatter yourself too much, Giles. As we speak, your mother is carrying a child, a boy and we have taken precautions to ensure that he is nothing like you. Yes, the world does not revolve around you,” gloated General Priam as he took in the surprise look on Giles’ face. “You had not anticipated that I would set aside resources for another child in case you screwed up, now did you?”

General Priam puffed up and moved forward, causing Giles to stumble backwards, falling into the hover-chair. Bending down, his face so close to Giles’s nose, General Priam barked out in a low, menacing voice.

“Did you honestly think that I wanted anything to do with you from the time you were conceived? You were just an object I created because the Council had wanted it so during my time. I bear you no affection and I never will. You mean nothing to me, you ARE nothing to me. At least before this I could use you for something, for anything. But now you are useless, you hear me, you little lump of useless DNA. You will never amount up to anything, not in this lifetime or the next! Despite the blood that I gave you, you will never be like me or your ancestors. YOU WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING!!!” With that, the General reached out, pulled the signet ring from Giles’s ring finger and left the chamber.

As Giles sat in his hover chair, shocked at the intensity of the General’s words, silence surrounded him, although occasionally a spark from a now-dead Via broke the quiet. He sat there, mutedly staring at a holographic photo of his parents. A varied number of emotions began flooding him as he looked at Via, his chamber – his home for the past twenty over years – the photograph.

He broke down into tears.

The memory of his father’s words tortured his soul. It burnt his heart and the more he thought of it, the more rage he felt; the more he wanted to avenge his bruised ego.

Giles wanted to scream out loud. He wanted to scream that he was worth more than any other son his father could ever have with that woman who was not even his biological mother. He wanted to scream that his father was the one who was a disgrace to the regime and not him. How could he be? He could not understand the logic in his father’s argument. All he could see what that the General hated him, and hated him so immensely that genetic ties did not matter anymore.

It just isn’t right. How could he say all those things? Five years. Five years had passed and still I find it so hard to except that my own father, the one who gave me life and blood, could tell me to my face that I never mattered to him. That I was just another political tool, another object for his use and pleasure like his cheap toys or that woman he was with. Yes, he thinks I don’t know but I do know. He thought I’d never find out, he thought he covered it up well enough. Giles opened his desk drawer and picked up a holographic picture of his birth mother. She was a beautiful lady of auburn hair, green eyes and a tiny mole on the upper left of her lip. From the photograph, he could tell that she was a gentle creature, blessed with kindness and patience. Nothing like the woman his father had replaced her with. Mother was killed in an accident during one of her research trips to another colony. I was five at the time and had already been placed in the Academy. Instead of being upfront about it, he put in her place another woman. That…hag with the dullest of eyes and palest of skin. Whatever did Father see in her anyway?No matter. With Eden at my disposal, I’ll return to the regime, to the Council chambers and there unveil my plans. Then we will see who the useless one is. In the mean time, there is always Aglaia. She is the key, the one person that can make or break this plan. With her by my side, the Council will be shattered to pieces. Leaning back into his chair, Giles grinned, plotting almost deviously. She won’t mind. After all, she was exiled from Caelestis and I know for a sure fact that she hates Father. I mean, who wouldn’t? Now it is just a matter of convincing her to join my side. I doubt that should be a difficult process. She is so…so…pure and new to this whole emotional thing, so much so that it is easy work to try to mould her around my little fingers. Yes, I have much in store for you, Aglaia, and by the time I am done; you will never be the same again. You will serve a purpose in my grand scheme of things. But first, I’ll have to secure a few things from you – your heart, your mind, your soul and finally your body. Speaking of your body, what a beautiful body it is. Fleshly and voluptuous, sensual yet athletic.

Leaning back into his chair, Giles grinned, plotting almost deviously.Giles could feel pleasure stroking his loins as he envisioned a naked Aglaia before him, all soft and willing, imagining her beneath him as he joined with her physically, her face flushing from pleasure, the tightness a virgin had to offer – yes, all Immortals could be considered virgins as sex was no longer necessary and not even an intrinsic part of an Immortal’s life – he felt nothing but pleasure wash over him. For a brief moment, work was abandoned for a baser human need, as he spread out on his bed and allowed his imagination to run wild.

It had been months since he last partook in any form of carnal pleasure with another one of the opposite sex. Sex had been something alien to him until he arrived on Ancile and was promptly broken into by one of the females here. With his good looks and gentlemanly behaviour, it was easy to understand why he was popular with the women. They all loved him, they all wanted to sleep with him, and they all wanted to be his life partner. But it was all purely sex; coitus without any emotion. I lost my ‘virginity’ in the middle of a flower field on a hot summer night. Katica was good…and in the beginning it felt right. She was there to soothe the pain of being abandoned and homesickness away with her touch, her lips, and her body. God, I still remember those wild times – we did it anywhere and in every position possible. She was experienced. When word reached me about how she was popular amongst the men – perhaps Earthlings would refer to her as a whore – but I never saw her as one. She was amazing, with her exotic looks and voluptuous figure. But after a while, it just stopped feeling good. The sex became almost bland; I was tired of fucking everywhere and she was tired of my rather obvious bored moods. We just drifted apart and the last time we ever came together was…well, it was a long time ago.

He had often wondered what it would be like to fuck with emotions. While sex was pleasurable for him, it was not a long lasting pleasure that lead to complete fulfilment. He wondered if there was more to coitus than just the grinding of two bodies in complete ecstasy. He wondered what love felt like.

Giles had never been in love. He knew of it, heard of it, and saw it amongst his own people. The couples on Ancile were extremely loving and protective of each other and that love culminated in their desire to have children and to partake of each other as often as they could. Despite the sturdy, private look of these huts, the couples were rather noisy and enthusiastic during coitus and during certain months of the year, kept many single men and women up with their sounds of love. At first, Giles found it hard to cope but after a while, he adjusted. Nevertheless, it did not stop him from wondering, from imagining a life filled with love and affection with a life partner who satisfied both his sexual and emotional needs. Yes, he had emotional needs now, just like a human being should have to begin with. He felt nearly whole, save for several minor details.

As his imagination continued to run wild with thoughts of Aglaia sharing his bed, Giles felt a stirring within his loins. He closed his eyes, savouring the pleasure and the moment as he came, staining his chest and hands. Partially satiated, his relaxed mind was now focused on just one thing, on one person: Aglaia. She piqued his interests, not only intellectually but emotionally and physically. He wanted to know all of her. He wanted her.

As he drifted off to sleep, his mind entertained thoughts of his future.

Only two things remain in his way: a woman and revenge.

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