This is a personal and reflective blog, and therefore, any comments, advise or reviews given are based on personal experience – it is not the representative of any institution. Also, I will not bear any responsibility for whatever negative emotions or actions incurred reading my blog. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, however right or wrong they may be. I’m new at this so do bear with me and try to be at least patient/understanding.

Oh! The comments. It’s not my fault if people think in a certain way or want to write what they wrote. People are entitled to their own opinion and if I should take your criticisms without any ill feelings (as you may argue), then may I say that the same applies to you. Please don’t start a comment war here…

However, I will delete comments that border on advertising and spam! We have enough of those on the cyberspace without having them to squat here, taking up space.

We are all adults – at least I like to think so…lets not be like children squabbling in a playground. It’s very unbecoming. Besides, this is supposed to be FUN!

Okay…here’s the blog. Enjoy!

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