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Written by Mabel | General, NaNoWriMo 2006 | Thursday, July 6th, 2006
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I came up with three different storylines all revolving around this word exercise I did. I was interested in the idea of toying around with past lives, dreams and the supernatural hence this plot.

Note: Everything is simplified in plotlines. I’ll be working on expanding the idea and characters as I progress.

Caelyn used to dream a lot as a child and most of the time, her dreams are either pleasant, or bordering on the supernatural.

One night, as a child, she is told to avoid a man (but his face is not very clear). “You cannot love him.” Caelyn then mysteriously ceases to dream (or at least remember them).

Many years later, she meets Damian, befriends him but is wary of his presence. Somehow she senses an aura of negativity around him. Strangely, she begins to dream again.

Dream 1: Caelyn sees herself as Agneta, a young girl forced into a cold and loveless marriage to a much older man. Having fallen in love with her husband’s brother (Arwin), their affair was discovered and subsequently, Agneta was killed, a punishment for committing adultery. How Arwin appears is still unknown although the image provides her with very general descriptions.

Damian appears to be interested in Caelyn and woos her. Her attempts to ward him off only make him more persistent.

Dream 2: Caelyn sees herself as Reina, a Spanish nobleman’s daugther who fell in love with a childhood friend (Raul). Because of their different class status, Reina is promised to another. The two elope but Raul is killed by her father’s men and she is taken home. On the eve of the wedding, tormented by visions of Raul, Reina kills herself. This time, there is more detail as to how Raul appears but Caelyn can’t put the pieces together.

Caelyn cannot help but be attracted to Damian, but as time goes by and she stops dreaming, Caelyn lets her guard down and they become lovers. On the eve of her wedding, she has a strange yet eerie dream – Death beckons to her and Damian releases her into Death’s arms. She awakes, unsettled.

On the way to the wedding, she gets into an accident and dies in Damian’s arms. It is then that she realizes that it was him she had dreamt of since she was a little girl. “You will be the death of me.”

Dream 1: We see Agneta’s husband visiting a witchdoctor. He places a curse on both Agneta and his brother. “You will want each other, you will love each other but you will never have each other for all eternity.”

Names chosen so far:
First names (Female)

  • Jenica (Romanian) – God is gracious
  • Caelyn (NA) – Loved forever
  • Agneta (Greek, Germanic) – Pure
  • Camilla (Italian) – Young, virginal
  • Reina (Spanish) – Peaceful, queen

First names (Male)

  • Raul (Spanish) – Wolf counselor
  • Damian (Greek) – Powerful
  • Ian (Celtic/Gaelic) – God is gracious
  • Arwin (NA) – Young, prince

Family names

  • Ardal; Ardgell (Gaelic) – Bravery or prowess
  • Bain; Baine (Celtic) – Whiteness, fairness
  • Bruyere (French) – A common or heath covered with shrubs
  • Metheth; Moutheith (Scots) – A district of Scotland
  • Balfour; Balfoir (Scots) – Castle of deliverence/security
  • Delafote (French) – From the fleet
  • Maigny (French) – A province of France
  • Rousseau (French) – Red hair

Now to fit everything together.


Work & writing.

Written by Mabel | General | Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
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This place has grown quiet over these past few weeks while in reality, work has thrown a spanner into things.

Somehow, the stresses from work has had a significant impact on my creativity levels. I can’t really put my finger to it but it’s hard to write when all you have been doing is editing and consolidating legislation, cases and what-not. Hard to read stuff. Boring stuff. When you’re done with everything, all you want to do is just NOT work your brain for the next few hours.

I wonder how this is going to impact this year’s NaNo challenge.

Oh, don’t mind. I still get bombarded with ideas. As mentioned in another post, I’m toying with the idea of incorporating dreams, the supernatural and the whole thing about past lives into my next work. The trouble is how do I piece the pieces together? How should I go about weaving those influences in? What should the story be about?


It doesn’t help that of lately, because Nil isn’t around, I’ve been consoling myself with romance novels and/or cheesy music. So my ideas have taken on a romantic twist which I can’t seem to write smoothly. There is just something so wrong with romantic notions that are not realistic. In a way, it is healthy to have some of the typical romantic ideals in life BUT not too much lest it takes over realism.

In reality, knights in shining armour are knights in rusty armour, flawed and all; women don’t start a fight or break-up in hopes of winning the guy back AND get what they want; not all love affairs have tragedy written all over; not all women are drama queens, and so forth. Don’t mind me. I’m just thinking of someone while writing this.

Hm. Maybe…just MAYBE…I’ll do that whole satire thing.

Oh, the joys of writing.


Written by Mabel | General | Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
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It appears that my short story idea fell out admist the pile of work and time recuperating from stress.

It is not because I don’t have the stamina or ideas to sustain a novel containing short stories. I just don’t love that idea that much, if you get me. There is just something not quite right with the whole “influenced by song” bit.

I am now toying with the idea of dreams, the supernatural and past lives.


Six Degrees: Plot (Refining things a little…)

Written by Mabel | Prose | Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006
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Then there were a few more songs and this old little script dug up from the bowels of my college days. While I thought it would have been great to write a script based on the whole “Whodunnit”, my lecturer felt that it was similar to one of his favourite great classics. O’well…so much for originality.

BUT I am still going to take the idea. Only interweave the damn thing into what has now turned into something longer that a typical short story. Lets see…

A murder. Retro-70s in the future (don’t ask how I’m gonna tackle it). Five people with stories of their own, summarized by songs of the past. A mystery figure.

Right now, I am leaning towards No Regrets and Pina Coladas – planning on hijacking a French, Chinese and Malay song but we’ll see how it goes. What about the ending, you ask. Well, gimme a break and let me start working on the whole thing first before I can even think of an ending.

Now…to find the time to write out a decent timeline/plot/storyline or whatever hell you call it. GAH.

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